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I hear so many of my friends telling me how they want to lose 20-30 lbs. They start a diet cutting back here and there and then give up because they are starving themselves. So many times I am asked how do you keep so thin? What do you do? What is your secret? I share with my friends as I share with you. There is no secret. I love life. I treat my body as my best friend because it is my best friend. It gets me where I want to go. I don’t diet. I eat sensibly, exercise and love life.

Dieting is so harmful. Skipping meals and starving yourself only to find out you are so hungry and then “pigging out” on all the wrong foods. Bingeing only makes one fatter and then depressed and the cycle repeats itself. Dieting prevents you from enjoying life. The only thing you need to be on a diet from is sugar and fast foods. I drink Green Drinks. Green Drinks are very filling. They not only give your body the nutritional support it needs they also keep you from snacking, and eating all the time. Drinking two glasses of Green Drink a day provides me with energy and keeps me filled. I no longer have the desire to snack or eat the wrong foods. My desires and tastes have changed tremendously while drinking the Green Drinks. What sounded good many, many years ago and I wouldn’t have thought twice about eating, I no longer have the desire to eat. You don’t have to diet, just eat sensibly and drink Green Drink, that’s all I do and I have been able to maintain my weight at the desire I like and I feel great. So don’t starve yourself with another diet just begin drinking Green Drinks and you will no longer want those foods that cause you to put on all that extra weight. Those foods will no longer be appetizing for you. The desire to eat fast foods and junk food will be replaced as you feel more confident and healthier and have more energy. Try Green Drinks today and see the amazing effect it will have on you.
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