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There are many different tastes that you can create as you make Green Drinks. Green Drinks can be sweet, bitter, garlic flavored or just bland. In my experimenting with Green Drinks I have found that I like my Green Drinks not to be super sweet. I really like drinking Green Drinks because they give me so much energy and keep me so healthy and youthful.

I found that my favorite Green Drink is simple to make and not super sweet. I like just an apple, celery, alfalfa sprouts, sunflower sprouts and a few kale leaves all blended to give me just the right taste. At times I enjoy a few greens mixed with a garlic. Of course on these days I make sure Iím not going out anywhere. I just enjoy a nice evening at home. I have tried some bitter greens such as collards and mustard greens. I have a very hard time drinking blended mustard greens and even collards. I will add one collard leave for variety but it is not my favorite and I use it very seldom because these greens are very bitter tasting. I also enjoy a strawberry papaya with sprouts and spinach.

The more fruit you add the sweeter the drink. You also have to remember that this is supposed to be a Green Drink (vegetable) not a fruit drink. But that doesnít mean it has to taste bad. You can be very creative with your Green Drinks. You can even add in coconut to your green drink for a unique taste or if you need more protein, add in organic peanut butter. However, if the drinks are too thick for you and you do wish for more of a fruit flavor, I recommend juice recipes.

If you wish for more ideas on coconut recipes or peanut butter recipes, you can go to the coconut recipes website or the peanut butter recipes website.

Good Luck and Best wishes to you and your health.
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