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Benjamin Franklin said many medicines, few cures. Do you find yourself taking a quick pill for a quick cure only to find out it didnít work. My husband and I learned very young in our marriage to spend our money at the grocery store instead of giving it to our doctors. We were very fortunate to learn the importance of nutrition and feeding our family wholesome foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins. We believed if we fed our children healthy they would be strong, beautiful and intelligent. We planted a garden in the summer months and blended some of our vegetables into some really tasty Green Drinks. As we drank our Green Drinks we found our children as well as ourselves stayed very healthy.

One of our childrenís favorite Green Drinks was fresh pineapple with alfalfa sprouts, spinach and sunflower sprouts. I put the peeled, cored pineapple in the blender adding the different sprouts and blend it. I would then add a handful of spinach and blend completely. The children loved the sweet taste of the pineapple and benefitted from the valuable greens added to it.

Green Drinks are so nutritious. Many hot summer days I would blend the pineapple with handfuls of sprouts and just drink it down. It was filling, nutritious, tasty and so healthy. Our children never visited the doctors in their younger years. I believe this was because of their healthy diets and Green Drinks that they drank. Green Drinks provide your body extra nutrients that it might not get as you go about your busy schedule. By drinking Green Drinks faithfully you will see yourself visiting your doctors less and less and not needing those medications as often or even at all. I have found this to be true in my own life. Green is the way to go so add Greens to your diet in a most tasty way. Drink your way to health with a glass of Green Drink.
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