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Green Drink is certainly a favorite of mine. I have been drinking green drinks for approximately 15 years. My first introduction to green drinks was very simple and very basic. I began with a fresh pineapple peeled, cored and cut into sections. I placed pieces at a time in the blender and would blend them up. Years ago I used a simple Osterizer Blender purchased at either Target or Wal Mart. Over the many years I have switched to a Vita Mix. I highly recommend a Vita Mix. It’s a very powerful blender.

After blending the pineapple I would pour the contents into a pitcher. I would then wash the various greens, which in the beginning consisted of a bunch of green spinach and half a bunch of kale. That was the beginning of my journey making and drinking green drinks.

I have come a long way and have used a variety of greens since I began the green drink journey. I have listed many of the drinks I have experimented with on this site. My favorite green drink consists of the following:

1 apple – cut in fourths and seeded
1 strawberry papaya – peeled, seeded and cut in half
2 celery sticks - cut in fourths
1 cucumber – peeled and cut in fifths
2 c sunflower sprouts
1 (5 oz) pkg. alfalfa sprouts – rinsed
½ bunch of kale
½ bunch spinach
2 red or green chard leaves
2 T flax seed- grounded
1 T ground sesame seeds

I rinse off all produce. Take the cucumber, papaya and place in blender and blend. Add apple slices and celery sticks and blend. Add sprouts and blend. At this point if you need to dilute the drink you may use juice or water. I prefer water as this is not suppose to be a fruit drink but a green vegetable drink with a little fruit for some flavor. After sprouts have been blended add spinach and blend again. Add kale and blend. Add chard and blend. Add water or juice as needed for desired thickness and consistency. Add flax seeds, sesame seeds and blend. I would then drink 1 to 2 full glasses drinking it slowly and swishing each drink around to aid in the digestion even though it is already blended up.

You can also use peaches in your recipe to sweeten up the drink. Here is a peach recipes site, if you are interested in making recipes with peaches. You can also add in blueberries to your recipes. Blueberries are a great antioxidant. For different types of recipes using blueberries, you can go to the blueberry recipes site.

As I daily drank 1-2 glasses of Green Drink I discovered I had a lot of energy and felt very good. My mind seemed to be clearer. I seemed to be in charge of my thoughts. I was more aware of my Self and my situations and surroundings.

I would feel full and not be hungry. It’s great for controlling appetite. Because it is so filling you don’t have the desire to eat and you especially lose cravings for the unhealthy junk foods. By drinking the Green Drink you no longer have to diet. Somehow you have the desire to consciously eat healthier. I found myself choosing healthier foods. Our bodies need to be cared for on all levels and eating wholesome nutritious foods brings health and balance to our bodies. What better way to get more nutrients to our bodies, by drinking green drink.

I also noticed while drinking the green drink consistently my hair was graying very slowly. I felt younger and healthier. I was told that I look very young. I went into a Dollar Store a year ago and the man behind the counter who rang up my bill asked to see my driver’s license. As he looked at it he said oh you are so strong. He was not from America and kept saying I looked so strong. I said oh thank you I am strong. He then commented that my age did not look like me. Instead of saying strong he had wanted to say younger but did not know the word to use. He then told me my age did not look like me. Drinking Green Drinks has slowed down my aging process and who wouldn’t want to look younger. Another great perk for the Green Drink!
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